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1. Do I need a credit/debit card to sign up?

Nope! Our services are free for mental health professionals. We currently do not charge, or ask for any billing information. 

*You may notice information about billing on different parts of the site; however, these areas are set up for in preparation for billing in the future. No worries, there will be no surprise.

2. Who can sign up for a service like this?

Kern Wellness Counseling is intended to be a resource to help connect local mental health professionals and potential clients in the Kern County area.
(please review following paragraph to confirm you meet criteria)

3. Who can add listings?

Although we would like to include all those who work in mental health, Kern Wellness Counseling is currently only open to those who are local Kern County Licensed mental health professionals, those who are pursuing licensure and receiving appropriate supervision to allow them to see clients, and certain substance abuse and addiction counselors.

As the site is focused on helping people find therapy, psychiatrists may register for listings if their practice includes psychotherapy and not solely medication management at this time. As the site grows we are sure to update these areas according to the needs of the community regarding mental health wellness.

1. How do listings work?

Great question! Simply, sign up. Click on “Add Listing” in the top right-hand of the website, and you’re set!

You can also check out this link which gives a more visual breakdown that looks much prettier than this page here.

You may notice that there are four listings, but only one is available at this time called “Professionals.” Once we complete the configuration of the other three, we will be releasing them one at a time.

Hopefully, by then you will already be comfortable enough with our system.

2. What happens after I submit my listing?

Once you submit your listing, it will then go through a verification process. You will be notified once your listing is verified and will go live to the public. This will be great for search engines and SEO purposes.

3. Can I edit my listing?

Absolutely! Even after your listing is verified, you can edit it as much as you’d like. 

4. How many issues can I list on my profile?

This was and still is a tricky process. During our directory research, we noticed a few trends that seem to be working well for directory websites; however, we noticed this became a daunting process for both clients and other clinicians.

At this time, we’re allowing an unlimited amount issues per profile, but recommend limiting your amount from 10-15 issues. Why? Please keep reading as we have your best interest in mind, potential client’s best interest in mind.

From what we can gather, many other directories offer unlimited entries of issues mental health professionals treat, but they do not break down this process any further whether or not it adds or takes away from a profile, or at least we’ve been unable to catch those breakdowns.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s going on:

By packing your profiles with any and all issues you can work with may sound great, but this could deviate away from the purpose of providing specialized services for the clients we serve.

This strategy we’re attempting to promote is more likely to provide a better user experience for clients who may be overwhelmed by choice if they were to review profiles that had cast a net covering all sorts of issues. 

Yes, you may be capable of supporting someone with a specific issue, but we recommend this 10-15 approach because is aligns with the standard of care by always keeping both scope of practice and competence in mind. 

Of course, if this isn’t the case for you, then you may pack your profile with areas of specializations you are competent in. But, by keeping a good focus on areas you’re highly experienced with can help clients be more decisive in their process of getting connected with the right mental health professional.

Furthermore, by attempting to limit the issues you treat, mental health professionals are more likely to endorse areas they are more specialized in. That’s the goal at least.

How do I edit my listing?

After you’ve logged in, move to the top of the page and hover over your username. For mobile users you can find this area after tapping on the 3 bars at the top of the page.

This should enable a drop down list where you can click on “Dashboard” and be taken to your dashboard.

On that page you will see your profile listing and a button called “edit.” 

Happy editing!

1. How do I get to my account page?

After you’ve logged in, move to the top of the page and hover over your username. For mobile users you can top on the 3 bars and click on your username to be taken to this page.

This should enable a drop down list where you can click on “Account” and be taken to your account page.

2. What can I do in my account?

You may connect your social accounts such as Google or Facebook to make logging in a smoother experience. This option is also available to those first signing up.

You may also change how your name is displayed, your email and your passwords.

*This will also be an area where you may see billing information. Please, ignore this area as we are making attempts to configure the website still.

We appreciate your patience as we make significant efforts to make the site user friendly!

1. Can anyone guest blog on Kern Wellness Counseling?

Guest blogging opportunities are allowed for those who have registered and created a profile. Further details about guest blogging can be found here.

thank you for your patience!

We are currently developing this site still which means that at this time there are no listings of mental health professionals.

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