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Writing guest posts are only open to those who are local Kern County Licensed mental health professionals, those who are pursuing licensure and receiving appropriate supervision to allow them to see clients, and certain substance abuse and addiction counselors.

A large part of our marketing efforts relies on organic SEO. Google algorithms count on websites developing great content which makes it easier to be located in their search engines.

Although, this local resource is relatively new, we want to do whatever we can to grow organic traffic with unique, authentic content.

If you would like to contribute to our blog, please first make an account, create your profile and you’re good to go with submitting your first blog post! (info at the bottom)


Writing a guest post is a great way to not only get your information out there, but it gets you in front of potential clients who may have not come across your work before.

Posts that are submitted will be reviewed and placed on the center of the homepage for roughly a week or longer depending on how often professionals submit.

Your post will also be featured on Kern Wellness Counseling social media pages such as Instagram and Facebook. In addition to your work being shared on social media sites, we’re currently working on integrating posts to be linked to your very own profile.

Lots in the making!

The Blog

Writing blog posts for Kern Wellness Counseling not only adds to the variety of knowledge we hope to highlight on here, but doing this does wonders for your own personal website. How?

Backlinks + Great Content = Supercharged Search Engine Rankings

We want your practice, group, organization to thrive by getting you in front of the right potential clients so that good work can be done. One way to do this is getting exposure via search engines.

Each piece of detail you add to your posts is another way for Google to crawl on these pages and notice the links to your profile, which then links to your own website, and thus organic traffic develops as a positive feedback loop.

We’ve Got Your Back

Lastly, in addition to writing posts, developing great content and getting your profile in front of potential clients, Kern Wellness Counseling has been alive since 2016.

Four years isn’t a very long time, but now a days time on the internet doesn’t necessarily mean much without putting in the work.

And we’ve put in the work!

As of June 2020, Kern Wellness Counseling has developed over 250+ backlinks, and counting! This means we’ve taken the time to write content for other websites who are linked directly to this site. So, just by adding a profile has the potential to develop good traffic to your website.

How Do I Submit My First Post?

Before you begin writing your first post, please first make an account, create your profile, and then contact us here to give us an idea of what you’d like to write and when you think you would be able to submit it.

Blog post topics can seem limitless but should generally be related to mental health. Ideally, we are looking for blog posts with a word count of at least 1500-2000 words. Most copy and content writing agencies are currently suggesting that search engines work very well with content of this length as of 2020.

Editing Stuff

Submissions will be reviewed for minor edits such as spelling errors; however, if there is anything major that requires some extra care, you will be contacted about this regarding possible updates that need to be made.

Lastly, when you submit your final copy to us, we’d like if you could also provide a short blurb about yourself, your practice and maybe some issues you treat. This blurb, along with your profile photo, will be integrated at the end of your guest post and linked directly to your profile.

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